Welcome to Ipsicura: self-healing guided by tradition, driven by technology

Ipsicura – derived from Latin cura te ipsum – which means to take care of your own self or to cure yourself


Aim – To promote innovative self-healing and anti-ageing techniques by combining modern technological interventions with the wisdom of traditional well-being therapies.


It is already realised that our bodies have the power to self-heal by how they recover after sickness or damage, but sometimes they need a little encouragement. However, with the advent of modern science today’s society readily succumbs to ‘quick fix’ synthetic systems of healing that have the potential to harm rather than heal. So, at Ipsicura® our aim is to stimulate the body’s natural rejuvenation powers to heal through mind, body and soul.


Challenging modern lifestyles place huge physical and mental demands on our bodies, leading to an imbalance of body and mind and giving rise to what are termed as ‘Lifestyle Disorders’, which in turn lead to premature ageing. Thus, our target audience is predominantly men and women in the 30-60 year age bracket, perhaps in executive roles, who are vulnerable to lifestyle disorders or dis-ease.

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Louise Wilson